Best gift for February 23rd?

Stop asking men to man up

February, 23

On February 23rd, instead of Defenders of the Fatherland Day, men young and old will once again be celebrating ‘Manly Men Day.’ The barrels of tank cannons will stare at them from greeting cards praising physical strength, bravery and virility. But not all men spend their days firing guns and parachuting into enemy territory. They look after their households, rest, interact with others, express their emotions and take care of their children. Unfortunately, they need to do this in such way that no one will question whether they’re ‘masculine enough’ or accuse them of ‘acting like women.’ Every day men are forced to live up to that stereotype or else face ridicule or aggression. Men are people too! They should be able to look however they like and do whatever they want so long as that doesn’t put anyone else’s safety or rights in jeopardy. Read our new cards and lay off of men with your ideas of what it means to ‘be a man.’ If they go on paternity leave, shed a tear or paint their fingernails, no part of them will fall off.

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